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Food: Local Cuisines

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Of course aside from the vibe and the environment by which we’re eating our food, our familiarity or emotional attachment to the meal we’re eating also contributes to our enjoyment. For example, meals that your mom used to cook when you’re young taste better than other meals we have no fond memories of. Same is true on a broader scale. As Singaporeans, we’d always have soft spot for our local cuisines no matter how old we get.

The Chicken Rice, Singapore’s National dish, for example, is a meal that we’ve grown up eating but till now, we still find ourselves craving for this delectable dish. Another is the Chilli Crab. This local cuisine that perfectly combines the tangy aroma of chili and the succulent flesh of the crab is always a sought-after meal in most restaurants and hawkers despite the fact that most us had tasted the dish over and over again.

Other examples of much beloved local cuisines would be the infamous Laksa Soup, Hokkien Prawn Mee, Fish Head Curry, Roti Prata and Nasi Lemak. If you’re a tourist who wants to get a taste of Singapore, don’t hesitate to try these local dishes on your visit.

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